Real Video Opens Second Studio in Chicago!

Life has an ebb and flow to it. Proverbial doors open and proverbial doors close. At Real Video when a door of opportunity opens, we like to take one step towards it to see if it remains open or if it slams in our face. It’s a simple concept but that is how this opportunity to open a second location in Chicago happened and we couldn’t be more excited about it. 

Real Video Production Co. opened its doors in Crown Point, IN in June of 2020. We love Crown Point. It’s a great town with a lot going for it. Our 2,000 square foot studio is awesome for us and how we work. However, it does have a downside. Crown Point lives in the shadow of one of the greatest cities on earth, Chicago. 

Half of our clientele is based in Chicago

After reviewing a few stats since we opened our doors, we have observed that about half of our clientele is based in Chicago. So we started to toy around with the idea of opening a second location in order to better serve our clients in Illinois. 

So we reached out to a few friends in Chicago and started to share our idea of a second location. One of those friends is Sergio Gomez who has an art gallery in the Zhou B Art Center in the Bridgeport neighborhood. He had mentioned that a few spaces would be opening up in the Zhou B building. A few phone calls later and we were able to get a tour of the spaces that would be available. One in particular seemed to check all the boxes we were looking for.

The next thing we know we signed the lease and started making the space our own. We are excited for this new adventure and feel incredibly blessed to be in this position. Already we have felt welcomed by the creative community at Zhou B and have been inspired by all the talented artists that surround our new studio.