Interview on Daily Ad Brief

By Kevin Bruinsma | February 18, 2022

Creative Director, Kevin Bruinsma was invited to be a guest speaker on the Daily Ad Brief online show called Marketing Champions. Each week Marketing Champions host, Howard Wolpoff, speaks with marketing professionals around the country to discuss the newest marketing trends.   Howard: So why don’t you share with us how you get started in marketing…

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The Manifest Names Real Video Production Co. as Chicago’s Most Recommended Video Production Company for 2022

By Kevin Bruinsma | February 17, 2022

For over 20 years, Real Video Production has been providing world-class filming and storytelling services to brands from all walks of life. Whether it’s web commercials, testimonial videos, brand identity videos, or even corporate photography, our team is ready to go the extra mile for you.  To start off this exciting new year, the entire…

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Real Video Opens Second Studio in Chicago!

By Kevin Bruinsma | February 14, 2022 Life has an ebb and flow to it. Proverbial doors open and proverbial doors close. At Real Video when a door of opportunity opens, we like to take one step towards it to see if it remains open or if it slams in our face. It’s a simple concept but that is how this…

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We DO care what people think.

By Kevin Bruinsma | January 6, 2022

I was recently going through an old box of photographs and stumbled upon the invitation to the first art show I was part of back in 2010. It was a group show with Justin Wolf and Joseph Gonzalez. At the time, we were working graphic designers who did fine art on the side. This show…

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Being better at your video process

By Kevin Bruinsma | December 6, 2021

We’ve been shooting video professionally since 2001. In 2008 Canon released the 5D Mark II, the first digital cinema camera. An absolute game changer that led to a career of video production. It’s amazing to see all the tech advancements since our passion for video was ignited. In doing video professionally for 20 years, we’ve…

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A dental party

By Kevin Bruinsma | July 14, 2021

I was scrolling through my social media feed and this Chris guy came up as a “suggested friend” once again. I had heard his name around town because he had opened his digital marketing office around the corner from Real Video. I figured it was a sign so I requested his virtual friendship.  Once we…

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Building the wall

By Kevin Bruinsma | June 29, 2021 I’ve walked past this building a million times over the years and I have always admired it. It was originally a machine shop built in the 1940’s. There is nothing fancy about it. It’s just a big open box with big windows on either side. It sits just off Crown Point’s historic downtown square.…

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Real Video Production Co. Acquires New Positive Reviews on Clutch

By Kevin Bruinsma | November 11, 2020

Video content is an integral part of new media. It has become one of the most successful channels in engaging and converting leads for your business or organization. As more and more people are glued to their phones and social networks, they’re more likely to be receptive to your company’s content. Here at Real Video…

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How much is a video?

By Kevin Bruinsma | September 22, 2020

We get this question all the time. Unfortunately, it’s not that easy to answer. It’s like asking how much is it to build a house? Before you give the answer you need to know a lot of information: • Where is it? • How big do you need it? • What are your requirements? A…

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The Mosaic Flower Pot

By Kevin Bruinsma | August 11, 2020

My oldest daughter begged me to enroll her in an art club.  A few weeks in she was telling me about the class and she mentioned these two girls who were best friends (both named Grace) and how they were being a little rude. Dumb stuff, like not sharing crayons and being exclusive.  So I…

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