Recruitment Case Study

The Village of South Holland

South Holland needed to “cut through the noise” and attract more qualified applicants.

Fire Department Case Study

Real Video Production Co. has worked closely with the Village of South Holland for over two years. We have partnered on a wide range of projects such as marketing efforts, business development highlights, resident testimonials, and event coverage. Because of our close relationship it wasn’t a surprise when Julia Huisman: communications, branding and marketing manager, came to us with a request for a recruitment video for the fire department.

One of the main issues was that most municipalities are fighting for quality applicants within a pretty small pool of people. This seems to ring true among more dense communities like the Chicago suburbs.

The first thing we did was sit down with Julia and Fire Chief Brian Kolosh to find out what they thought made South Holland unique and why someone would choose their department over surrounding communities. We also wanted to get a good understanding of what qualities they would be looking for in a new employee. Once we had these insights, we had a really good feel for what this video needed to include.

When it came to the actual production of the video, everyone at the department seemed to be excited to showcase what it takes to do this job. We were also able to coordinate some training opportunities within the production days. Not only did this financially make sense for the department, but it was also a great opportunity to haul out some new equipment and put it into practice and create some amazing visuals. The camaraderie among the department during the production days was amazing and authentic. They welcomed us into the family and went above and beyond setting up scenarios that made this production a home run.


When we delivered the video the response from the client was very positive. They felt like the entire process was a great experience and the final product exceeded their expectations. They initially posted the video on Facebook and YouTube. That simple action alone received a number of quality applications as well as a boost in organic views, webpage visits and retention.

The Village is excited to have this new recruitment tool and is now using it to target high quality recruits via digital marketing efforts over multiple platforms. Because of the early success of this particular project, Real Video has also collaborated with the South Holland Police and Public Works Departments to help develop their own recruitment campaigns. Not only was this a success for the village but it has also gained the attention from surrounding communities.

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Organic Views



The Village of South Holland used the video we created in a strategically targeted digital campaign to help further the reach in this competitive audience.


  • Keyword–Level Search Retargeting
  • Keyword-Level Contextual Targeting
  • Category Contextual Targeting
  • Site Retargeting
  • 3rd Party DMP segments
  • 1st Party data onboarding


  • Mobile geo-fencing
  • Event targeting audiences
  • Conversion zone visit measurement
  • Ongoing AB visitation lift reporting


  • Household-level addressable
  • Commercial address addressable
  • 500+ variables via “and/or”
  • Zip+4 household reporting
  • Multi-location conversion zone reporting
Campaign Reach


Julia Huisman

Village of South Holland

The amount of exposure this campaign brought to our Fire Department objectives gave us the ability to succeed. Not only did they provide exceptional video assets, they helped us promote and optimize our paid outreach. 


Resulted in 87,503 impressions.

Meta Campaign

Resulted in 90,000+ impressions with a 4.78% CTR.


Resulting in 177,503+ additional impressions within our strategic target reach.



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