Evan Frystak joins the Real Family

We met Evan back in 2016 on a local job. He was working as a jib operator on a gig we were directing. Although Evan had mad jib skills, as we got to know him, we fell in love with his passion for editing.

We quickly realized that this guy could sculpt a massive pile of footage into a compelling and emotional story. Evan began moonlighting for us on a regular basis. Finally, we decided enough was enough and thought of the famous words of Beyoncé,”If you liked it then you should’ve put a ring on it.” So that’s what we did. We asked Evan to join the Real Video Production family as a full time, in-house editor.

Now that Evan has been here a few weeks and gotten settled, we sat down with him to get to know him a little better. 

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Interview with Evan:

RVP: First off, welcome aboard, and thanks for taking the time to tell people about yourself. So starting off— what are 3 things I should know about you in order to understand you better? 


1: I’m a total nerd. I love all things Star Wars, Lego, and Video games. I’m also a total film nut.

2: I enjoy collaborating with other creative people and learning and creating cool things.

3: I love to travel with my significant other and experience a lot of new things.

RVP: We’re a bunch of nerds ourselves, so you’re in good company.  So what’s inspiring you right now?

EF: The world around me, the people I get the privilege to create with, and the hope for awesome success with those people.

RVP: Great answer! And what excites you most about being an editor?

EF: Being able to work on great content, and then seeing that content have a huge impact on the person or business we made it for. 

RVP: There is definitely something satisfying about seeing your work out in the wild, isn’t there?  What are you most excited about joining the Real Video team?

EF: The people and work environment are out of this world. It’s a privilege to be able to collaborate with such a friendly, creative, and dedicated team on a daily basis. Not to mention the content stands out as the best in Indiana, if not the best in the Chicagoland area.

RVP: Well we’re very happy to finally have you on board. Now, last question— what is some free advice you have to give?

“When you create something, you’re putting part of yourself out into the world”

EF: Just keep going. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
When you create something, no matter what it is, you’re putting part of yourself out into the world for others to critique. This can be either positive or negative. For the longest time I was afraid that work I released to the public would be badly criticized. Oftentimes this fear would put me in a state where I didn’t want to create anything at all. Eventually I did get over this fear. It was solved by just taking a deep breath, and casting the line out to sea.

RVP: There’s something to be said about making work that is a little controversial— work that does provoke criticism.  If you’re pleasing everyone, you’re pleasing no one, you know?

EF: Exactly.

RVP: Well thank you again Evan, for taking the time to sit down with us and introduce yourself to the world. This has been a real treat, and we are very excited to have you part of the team.

“I’m excited and ready to get to work.”

EF: No, thank you guys. I’m excited and ready to get to work.