Real’s Favorite Films of the Year

By Kevin Bruinsma | January 6, 2023

Each year, the team at Real Video collectively watches hundreds of films. Whether they be rewatches of favorites, first time watches of classics, or a stumble upon some strange gem, watching films is one of our favorite pastimes.  As everyone wraps up their “year-end-highlights” lists, we also decided to compile a shortlist of our favorite…

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By Kevin Bruinsma | September 21, 2022

One of the agencies we work with out of Chicago came to us with an international client who had been going through a major acquisition period and needed a messaging campaign that helped welcome and unite the core values with all of their offices around the world. We were tasked with producing a series of…

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Room Tone Recap

By Kevin Bruinsma | August 26, 2022

On August 25, 2022 Real Video hosted a networking event for videographers and photographers. This event had a little bit of a twist to it because we decided to include a guided discussion throughout the evening. The overarching topic for this event was VALUE.  The first thing we want to say about the first Room…

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Ben Wiersema joins the Real Video family.

By Kevin Bruinsma | August 16, 2022

Back in 2016 we were working on a little comedy short. (I’ll never forget this shoot because one of our Arri 1K lights exploded during production!) We invited a few kids on set who had expressed some interest in video production. One of those kids was 15 year old Ben Wiersema.  Ben had been acting…

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Look Ma, No Stands: A Simple Solution to Hang Light Modifiers on Your Next Shoot

By Kevin Bruinsma | June 7, 2022

The entire front of our studio is glass. For some projects, the natural light that pours into our space is a blessing. However, for other projects we find it’s best to control our own light. As requests for product videography grew alongside the increase of clients using the studio for interviews we started to look…

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A fresh perspective on video production

By Kevin Bruinsma | March 9, 2022

The format for this particular blog is a little different and because of that I feel it lends itself to an introduction. Real Video Production Co. will sporadically open up the studio for “happy hour.” It’s usually a late Friday afternoon and is a time where anyone can stop by and mingle. I noticed a…

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A dental party

By Kevin Bruinsma | July 14, 2021

I was scrolling through my social media feed and this Chris guy came up as a “suggested friend” once again. I had heard his name around town because he had opened his digital marketing office around the corner from Real Video. I figured it was a sign so I requested his virtual friendship.  Once we…

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Building the wall

By Kevin Bruinsma | June 29, 2021 I’ve walked past this building a million times over the years and I have always admired it. It was originally a machine shop built in the 1940’s. There is nothing fancy about it. It’s just a big open box with big windows on either side. It sits just off Crown Point’s historic downtown square.…

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The Mosaic Flower Pot

By Kevin Bruinsma | August 11, 2020

My oldest daughter begged me to enroll her in an art club.  A few weeks in she was telling me about the class and she mentioned these two girls who were best friends (both named Grace) and how they were being a little rude. Dumb stuff, like not sharing crayons and being exclusive.  So I…

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What’s with the bird logo?

By Kevin Bruinsma | July 6, 2020

Leaving the comfort of our steady 9-5 jobs to fulfill a life-long dream of owning our own video production company is scary as hell. And just to make it more exciting, we did it during the COVID-19 global pandemic.  This may be the best and/or stupidest thing we’ve ever done. It’s stressful. It’s going to…

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